Cinema 4D Annual

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Cinema 4D Annual


Single user includes:

  • Cinema 4D
  • Cineversity
  • Team Render


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Customer Journey

  • Only one version of Cinema 4D:
    • No more Prime / Visualize / Broadcast / Studio / BodyPaint editions.
    • All functionality is in the one version, no separate editions anymore.
    • Demo and Educational versions are no longer separate downloads.
    • Demo and Educational can be upgraded to a commercial version.
  • New Licensing Solutions
    • MyMaxon Account:
      • Allows Sign In / Sign Out – entitlement can be moved between devices.
      • When creating a MyMaxon account, a 14-day trial license is automatically created.
      • Real-time licensing, buy and use immediately
      • Remote license retrieval – release a license remotely via your MyMaxon web portal.
    • New Maxon License Server:
      • Runs as service on Windows and daemon on OSX/Linux.
      • Web-browser interface.
      • Different Maxon Accounts can pool their licenses on a single server.
      • Greater control over license for client and server.
      • Graphical view of license use, current and past.
      • Detailed license view of ownership and validity.
      • Extended log and info messaging.
    • RLM Licensing:
      • Greater flexibility in license selection.
  • Improved Installation:
    • Online installer – faster, hassle-free installation.
    • Offline installer – small download, more languages supported, faster installation.


  • Merge Scenes on Drag-and-Drop.
  • Show Import/Export Dialog Preference (option to show / suppress dialog by default – alt-click inverts default behavior).
  • File selector now appears after export settings (rather than before).
  • Updated CAD format support:
    • New, Improved support for Solidworks, STEP, Catia, IGES, JT formats.
    • Option to import instances as Regular or Render Instances.
    • Import hidden objects with “_hidden” name suffix.


  • Caps and Bevels:
    • Improved constrained / internal bevels via Straight Skeleton Algorithm.
    • User-defined Bevel Shape via Spline UI.
    • Option to Link Start/End Caps.
    • Delaunay Cap Skinning.
    • Library of Bevel Presets.
    • Additional and more obvious automatic selection sets for Shell, Edges.
    • Caps and bevels are always created as a single object.
  • Volume Builder and Volume Mesher:
    • Vector Volumes.
    • Improved UI for Volume Filters.
    • Cache Layer.
    • Spline UI to define scale along spline.
    • Curvature Vertex Map on Volume Mesher.
  • Modeling Core:
    • Dramatic Speedup in migrated commands including Extrude, Extrude Inner, Split, Polygon Group to Object.
    • Migrated Tools (Point Extrude, Weld) preserve surface attributes like UVs and Vertex Colors.
    • Copy / Paste Components (points and polygons).
    • Primitive Caps (Cone, Cylinder, Capsule, Oil Tank, Torus, Tube and Figure) are now welded.
    • Landscape object pivot remains at the bottom of the generated object.
    • Improved Grow Selection command.
    • Improved performance of Isoparm Display.
    • Region-based selections support backface culling.
  • UV Editor Enhancements:
    • Migrated Texture View to OpenGL:
      • Supports Anti-Aliased display of UV lines.
      • Improved redraw Speed.
      • UV Component highlighting.
    • UV Transform Gizmo.
    • UV Ruler display.
    • Quantized UV transformations.
    • Snapping support for UV points and edges.
    • Viewport selection automatically updates UV component selection.
  • Connect Objects + Delete now sets the axis to the bounding box center of selected objects (Alt sets to the last selected parent).

Materials and Rendering

  • Denoiser (Intel Open Image Denoiser)
    • Albedo Pass
  • Node Interface Improvements
    • Node Spaces and 3rd-Party API
    • Interactive Drag and Drop (Ctrl-Drag to Copy Nodes)
    • Rearrange Node Ports
    • I/O Nodes
    • Edit Asset mode
    • Asset protection
  • Physical Render Nodes
    • Custom AOVs (Multi-Pass)
    • Line node
    • Spline Mapper node
    • Multi-Trace Ray node
    • Cells Node
    • 2D Nodes
      • Average Area
      • 2D Blur
      • Cache
      • Kernel
    • Get Context Node outputs vertex positions of sampled polygon
  • ProRender
    • Node Material support
    • Volume Rendering
    • HDRI Out of Core
    • Camera animation included in Linear Motion Blur
    • New Diffuse, Direct Illumination and Wireframe Render Modes
    • New Multipasses:
      • Ambient Occlusion
      • Direct Illumination
      • Indirect Illumination
      • Direct Reflection
      • Indirect Reflection
      • Indirect Diffuse
      • Refraction
      • Volume
      • Albedo
  • Interactive Tone Mapping via Picture Viewer Filter Tab
  • Render Queue – Option to disable auto-renaming


  • Interface Enhancements:
    • Support for HiDPI monitors on Windows.
    • HiDPI Viewport on Windows, Retina Viewport on macOS.
    • Improved Interface Speed (especially in Timeline).
    • Modernized Light and Dark schemes.
    • Improved menus and minor adjustments to Default layout.
    • macOS Menu Bar support.
    • macOS Dark Scheme support
    • Reset Scheme Colors option.
    • New Shortcuts:
      • Save Incremental: Ctrl+Alt+S
      • Texture View Fit to Screen: H
      • UV Transform: Ctrl+T
      • Normal Scale: M~-
      • Melt: Alt+Backspace
      • Dissolve: Ctrl+Backspace
    • Improved Default values
    • Improved OLE-based Drag and Drop file exchange
  • Project Asset Inspector:
    • Supports Images, Videos, Sound files, External files, IES Lights, GI Cache, MoGraph Cache, Substances, Volumes.
    • Supports Objects, Tags, Viewports, Render Effects, Materials and Shaders.
    • Consolidate command collects all assets associated with the project.
    • Group by Asset Name, Type, Element Type, Layer, Take, Node Space, Format.
    • Info Area displays information about selected asset.
  • Quickstart dialog
  • Enhanced Splash Screen
  • Default Material preference (choose which material type is created when double-clicking in the Material Manager).
  • Asset Linking preference (always copy textures, always use absolute path).
  • Color Chooser enhancements:
    • Swap Colors
    • Swatches in Color Chip Context Menu
    • Color Swatches palette can be resized
  • Spline UI enhancements:
    • Double – Scale and copy existing curve
    • Symmetrize – Scale and mirror existing curve
  • Commander now remembers last input
  • Custom, colorizable object and tag icons
  • User Data tag
  • User Data Manager – save and load presets
  • Attribute Manager now indicates when selected object count exceeds AM Edit limit.
  • OS-specific Feature Highlighting

MoGraph and Animation

  • Field Force object:
    • Dynamics and Particle Advection (influence the velocity of particles and dynamic objects with Fields).
  • Field Interface enhancements:
    • Sub-fields appear as children in field list.
    • Fields can be used as masks for another field.
    • Channel Convert Field Layer – convert between value, color and direction.
    • Normal Tags can now be used as fields, and have a field list (for use Target Effector, Field Force, etc).
  • Character Animation:
    • Improved Auto-Weighting Algorithms (Bone Glow).
    • Weighting Workflow Improvements.
    • Mixamo Control Rig.
    • Connect Objects + Delete can merge Weight tags of individual objects into a single Weight tags
  • Repeat, Offset Repeat and Oscillate in Track Before / After now default to 0 / unlimited repetitions.
  • Align to Spline tag values can now extend beyond the 0-100% range, allowing easy repetition and parametric animation.
  • Thinking Particles support for all particle forces (via PForceObject).


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